Strength and Durability

Products used above or below ground may be exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Precast product's life span varies between 50 to 100 years.

Fire Safety ​

One of the Precast Elements benefits is its flame resistance. It can go up to a 4-hour rating

Design-Build Efficiency ​

Precast concrete offers an efficient delivery model for your project; allowing building construction to proceed while the design is developed.

Low Maintenance ​

When the concrete panels are built, it is maintenance free for a long period of time. It requires little or no maintenance, which makes it the ideal choice for nearly any design solution. 

Clear Span ​

It also offers long span capabilities, columns-free interior space provides design freedom in longer and clear spans, which surely help designers in maximizing the use of the space.

Easy Installation ​

A small crew can erect thousands of square meter per day and complete the structure in days, whether it is the middle of winter, or the middle of summer. No other construction systems can match the installation rate per day.