Lighter faster with lower cost

It is the most versatile of all SAC products. Hollow core slabs are concrete elements that are generally used for flooring. The highly optimized and economical use of material makes it one of the most sustainable products in construction.

With the production process using modern state‐of‐the‐art machines, process, and experienced crew, we can achieve savings of 25‐30% in labor hours compared with conventional precast production. We can manufacture 2.5 m² hollow core slabs with same material, energy and labour costs that is needed to produce 1 m² slabs with equivalent depth that eventually reduce the client’s project cost.

Longer span capabilities

SAC’s hollow core slabs are also using the technology of non-load bearing, the partition walls inside homes and flats. This means true design flexibility through longer span capabilities giving the freedom for the individual design of homes and flats, as well as for modifications during the building’s lifetime.