Discover the Advantages of Precast Concrete Solutions


Our advanced ERP system and state-of-the-art European technology is used in the design and manufacture of precast elements. It has proven to be the most cost effective, safe and efficient method of construction. SAC is an engineering company that designs, manufactures and constructs architectural and structural precast concrete structure systems above and under the ground. Precast concrete construction is a smart, industrialized way to build any type of high quality, energy-efficient building not only in a short time frame but also cost-efficiently and safely. It can save more than 40% in time. That is a direct rental cost saving, 30 to 40% of the construction cost. Precast concrete means the transfer of work from a site to the controlled processes of a factory which supplies constant high quality and significantly improves productivity.

Precast concrete has many energy-efficient characteristics: it is well-suited to harsh weather conditions including fire, hot, and cold temperatures combined with salt strain and rainy season. Precast Building absorb and store surplus heat or cold, and slowly release these back to the air. As a result, the hollow cores in precast floors can be used to form cooling systems that use up to 50% less energy than air conditioning. At the factory, the processes are controlled and more automation is involved. At the construction sites less scaffolding is needed. No toxic substances are used and no chemical treatment is required to protect precast products. Carefully constructed, high quality precast is safer for inhabitants as it does not provide a good breeding ground for harmful microbes – even as years go by.

Our goal is to help you discover the beauty and value of architectural and structural precast concrete building systems. Our promise to you is a unique building design with sustaining performance that include maximum strength with minimum weight and versatility in span and depth ratio, which lead to a more cost-effective construction approach.

When you partner with SAC for your precast project, we’re with you every step of the way — from Preconstruction Assessment, Engineering, Production, Erection to the Completion & Beyond.